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SAS System Options under Windows

SGIO System Option: Windows

Activates the Scatter/Gather I/O feature.
Default: NOSGIO
Valid in: configuration file, SAS invocation
Category: Files: SAS Files
Windows specifics: all

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specifies to activate the scatter-read / gather-write feature. The scatter-read / gather-write feature remains active until your SAS session ends.


specifies not to activate the scatter-read/gather-write feature.


The SGIO system option greatly improves I/O performance for SAS I/O files (data sets, catalogs, indexes, utility files, and other I/O files) when the PC has a large amount of RAM. Scatter-read / gather-write bypasses intermediate buffer transfers between memory and disk.

When SGIO is active, SAS uses the number of buffers that are specified by the BUFNO system option to transfer data between disk and RAM. I/O performance usually improves as the value for the BUFNO increases. Try different values of the BUFNO system option to tune each SAS job or DATA step.

The scatter-read / gather-write feature is active only for SAS I/O files that

If an I/O file does not meet these criteria, SGIO is inactive for that file even though the SGIO option is specified.

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