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SAS System Options under Windows

SASHELP System Option: Windows

Specifies the directory or directories to be searched for SAS default forms, device lists, dictionaries, and other entries in the Sashelp catalog.
Default: !sasroot\SAS product\sashelp, !sascfg\sascfg
Valid in: configuration file, SAS invocation
Category: Environment control: Files
Windows specifics: Valid values for library-specification
See: SASHELP System Option in SAS Language Reference: Dictionary



-SASHELP ("library-specification-1"...<"library-specification-n")>

"library-specification-1"... "library-specification-n"

specifies one or more valid Windows pathnames or environment variables that are associated with pathnames. Remember that a pathname applies only to the directory or subdirectory level. The value for library-specification must resolve to a valid Windows pathname. If the pathname contains spaces, it must be enclosed in quotation marks.


The SASHELP system option is set during the installation process and normally is not changed after installation.

Note that products and their corresponding files can be split across multiple drives and directories. The library-specification argument can be a Windows pathname or an environment variable associated with a pathname.

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