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SAS System Options under Windows

LOADMEMSIZE System Option: Windows

Specifies a suggested amount of memory needed for executable programs loaded by SAS.
Default: 0
Valid in: configuration file, SAS invocation
Category: System administration: Memory
Windows specifics: all



-LOADMEMSIZE n | nK | nM | nG | hexX | MIN | MAX

n | nK | nM | nG

specifies the memory size in multiples of 1; 1,024 (kilobytes); 1,048,576 (megabytes), and 1,073,741,842 (gigabytes), respectively. You can specify decimal values for the number of kilobytes, megabytes, or gigabytes. For example, a value of 8 specifies 8 bytes, a value of .782k specifies 801 bytes, and a value of 3m specifies 3,145,728 bytes.


specifies the amount of memory as a hexadecimal value. You must specify the value beginning with a number (0-9), followed by an X. For example, the value 2dx sets the amount of memory to 45 bytes.


specifies 0 bytes, which indicates that there is no limit on the total amount of memory that can be used.


specifies that the maximum amount of memory for executable programs is limited only by the amount of memory available.


When LOADMEMSIZE is set to 0, the memory that is used for executable programs that are loaded by SAS is limited only by the amount of system memory available. If LOADMEMSIZE is set to 1, executable programs are purged from memory when they are no longer in use.

For values of two or greater, SAS first checks the amount of memory that is available for SAS executable programs. If the total amount of memory that is available is greater than the value of LOADMEMSIZE, SAS purges the SAS loaded executable programs that are not in use until the memory that is used is less than the value of the LOADMEMSIZE option, or until there are no other SAS loaded executable programs that can be purged. If all executable programs have been purged and more memory is needed, additional system memory is used as long as it is available.

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