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SAS System Options under Windows

AUTOEXEC System Option: Windows

Specifies the SAS autoexec file.
Default: AUTOEXEC.SAS, if the file is available; otherwise, none
Valid in: configuration file, SAS invocation
Category: Environment control: Files
Windows specifics: file-specification must be a valid Windows filename

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-AUTOEXEC file-specification

AUTOEXEC file-specification

specifies the SAS autoexec file to be used instead of the default AUTOEXEC.SAS file. The file-specification argument can be a valid Windows filename or an environment variable associated with a pathname. For more information on the SAS autoexec file, see SAS Autoexec File.


indicates that no SAS autoexec file is processed, even if one exists.


The AUTOEXEC system option specifies the autoexec file. The autoexec file contains SAS statements that are executed automatically when you invoke SAS or when you start another SAS process. The autoexec file can contain any valid SAS statements. For example, you can include LIBNAME statements for SAS libraries you access routinely in SAS sessions.

If no AUTOEXEC.SAS file is found, the default value for this option is NOAUTOEXEC.

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