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SAS Statements under Windows

ABORT Statement: Windows

Stops executing the current DATA step, SAS job, or SAS session.
Valid in: a DATA step
Windows specifics: Action of the ABEND and RETURN options; maximum value of condition-code
See: ABORT Statement in SAS Language Reference: Dictionary

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causes abnormal termination of the current SAS job or session for the current process. Further action is based on how your operating environment and site treat jobs that end abnormally.


causes the immediate normal termination of the current SAS job or session. A condition code is returned indicating an error if a job ends abnormally.


allows you to specify a condition code that SAS returns to its calling program. The value of n must be an integer. Return codes 0 - 6 and those values greater than 997 are used by SAS.


The ABORT statement causes SAS to stop processing the current DATA step.

The ABEND and RETURN options both terminate the SAS process, job, or session.

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