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SAS Informats under Windows

HEXw. Informat: Windows

Converts hexadecimal positive binary values to fixed-point or floating-point binary values.
Category numeric
Width range: 1-16
Default width: 8
Alignment: left
Windows specifics: native floating-point representation
See: HEXw. Informat in SAS Language Reference: Dictionary

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specifies whether the input represents an integer (fixed-point) or a real (floating-point) binary number. When you specify a w value of 1 through 15, the input hexadecimal value represents an integer binary number. When you specify 16 for the w value, the input hexadecimal value represents a floating-point value.


The HEXw. informat expects input that is not byte-reversed, not in Windows form. (The IB, PIB, and RB informats for binary numbers expect the bytes to be reversed.) You can use the HEXw. informat to read hexadecimal literals from SAS programs that were created in another environment.

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