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SAS System Options under Windows

Displaying SAS System Option Settings

SAS system options are set to the default values. To display the settings of the SAS system options in the SAS log, use the OPTIONS procedure. For example, the following statement produces a list of options, one option per line, with a brief explanation of what each option does:

proc options; run;

You can specify the SHORT option in the PROC OPTIONS statement to produce a list of option settings with no explanation of the options. For more information, see the OPTIONS procedure in Base SAS Procedures Guide.

In an interactive SAS session, the SAS System Options window displays the settings of many SAS system options, including the invocation and configuration options. You cannot edit these options from the Options window. To open the SAS System Options window, enter Tools [arrow] Options [arrow] System, or type options in the command area and submit the command.

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