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System Options under OpenVMS

SYSIN= System Option: OpenVMS

Specifies the default location of SAS source programs.
Default: none
Valid in: configuration file, SAS invocation, VMS_SAS_OPTIONS DCL symbol
Category: Environment control: Files
OpenVMS specifics: all

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identifies an external file. The value for file-specification can be an OpenVMS logical name or pathname.

Restriction: The maximum file specification line length is 256 characters. File specifications greater than 256 characters are truncated.

invokes SAS, processes the autoexec file, and then terminates SAS, returning you to the DCL prompt.


The SYSIN= system option specifies a file containing a SAS program. This option indicates to SAS that you are executing in noninteractive mode and can be specified only in the SAS invocation.

The default value for the SYSIN= system option under interactive line mode and the SAS windowing environment is the SYS$INPUT logical name. Any value other than SYS$INPUT for file-specification prevents SAS from running interactively. The value for file-specification can be a valid OpenVMS pathname or logical name. The default value for SYSIN= in noninteractive and batch modes is the file specification that you provided with the SAS command. For example, if you invoke SAS with the following command, the value for file-specification is ORANGES.SAS:


You can also explicitly specify the SYSIN= system option as an option in the SAS command when you invoke SAS in noninteractive or batch mode, as in the following example:


This technique allows you to include your source file specification in a configuration file.

Under OpenVMS, the syntax of this system option also enables you to specify NOSYSIN. If you specify NOSYSIN, as in the following example, SAS is invoked, the autoexec file is processed, and then SAS terminates, returning you to the DCL prompt:


This technique is useful if you want to test an autoexec file without actually running a complete SAS session.

The SYSIN= system option is associated with an automatic macro variable, VMSSASIN. This variable contains the value of the SYSIN= option, and provides you with the name of the SAS job that is currently being run. When SAS is run in an interactive mode the value is SYS$INPUT.

Also, the SYSIN= option accepts wildcard specifications. For example, you could use the following SAS command to invoke SAS:


This command causes SAS to execute all the files with an extension of .SAS in the current directory. Only one log and one procedure output file are created. By default, the name of the first job run is used for these files.

Note:   If you specify the SYSIN= option or the OBJECTSERVER option when SAS starts, and the LOGCONFIGLOC= option is specified, the SAS log is not started and the LOG=, ALTLOG= and LOGPARM= system options are ignored; logging is performed only by the SAS logging facility.  [cautionend]

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