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System Options under OpenVMS

LOADLIST= System Option: OpenVMS

Specifies whether to print to the specified file the information about images that SAS has loaded into memory.
Valid in: configuration file, SAS invocation, OPTIONS statement, SAS System Options window, VMS_SAS_OPTIONS DCL symbol
Category: Environment control: Files
OpenVMS specifics: all

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identifies an external file where the information is printed. The value for file-specification can be either a pathname or a logical name.

Note:   When you use LOADLIST= in an OPTIONS statement, you must enclose file-specification in double quotation marks. When you use LOADLIST= during SAS invocation or in a configuration file, do not use quotation marks.  [cautionend]


specifies to not print any information. This is the default.


The LOADLIST= system option helps you identify images that should be either moved to your local node or installed on your system to improve performance. Each time an image is loaded into memory, its name is added to the list. The images that appear most often in the list are likely candidates for performance enhancements.

The following is a partial list of a typical LOADLIST file:

Associated Task:  DATASTEP
Activation Time:  25-APR-2003 14:35:14.79
Size (in bytes):  327680
Requested Loads:  1
Physical Loads:  1
Beginning Address:  X013F8000
Ending Address:  x01446DFF

Each entry consists of the following:

Image Path

is the image that was loaded from the SAS library.


is the size of the image, in bytes.

Requested Loads

indicates how many times the image was requested for loading. This is a usage count for the image.

Physical Loads

indicates how many times the image is physically loaded. This number is always 1.

Beginning and Ending Address

describes the actual location in memory where the image was loaded. These addresses are where the Physical Load occurred.

Each new OpenVMS process opens its own version of the external file that LOADLIST writes to, so version limits can cause a loss of LOADLIST information.   [cautionend]

Every time an image is requested, SAS writes another entry to the LOADLIST file. The Physical Loads number is always 1, indicating that it is physically loaded only once during the SAS session.

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