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System Options under OpenVMS

FULLSTIMER System Option: OpenVMS

Specifies whether to write all available system performance statistics to the SAS log.
Valid in: configuration file, SAS invocation, OPTIONS statement, SAS System Options window, VMS_SAS_OPTIONS DCL symbol
Category: Log and procedure output control: SAS log
OpenVMS specifics: host-specific options

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specifies that SAS write to the SAS log a complete list of computer resources that were used for each step and for the entire SAS session.


specifies that SAS does not write to the SAS log a complete list of computer resources. This is the default.


The FULLSTIMER system option specifies whether all of the performance statistics of your computer system that are available to SAS are written to the SAS log. The following is an example of FULLSTIMER output.


real time           1.19 seconds
user cpu time       0.26 seconds
Timestamp            8/23/2008  7:59:00 PM
Buffered IO :       223
Direct IO   :       352
Page Faults :       471

Note:   If the FULLSTIMER system option is set, the FULLSTIMER and STIMER statistics are printed.  [cautionend]

Under OpenVMS, the FULLSTIMER system option displays the following statistics:

Description of FULLSTIMER Statistics
Statistic Description
real time The amount of time spent to process the SAS job. Real time is also referred to as elapsed time.
user cpu time The actual time spent on the task by the CPU. This number should be constant (within .02 seconds) across repetitions of the same job.
Timestamp The date and the time of day that the SAS process ran.
Buffered IO The number of times the data transfer takes place from an intermediate buffer in the system pool to your process (memory to memory transfer).
Direct IO The number of times the data transfer takes place directly from an external device to your process.
Page Faults The number of pages that SAS tried to access, but that were not in main memory and required I/O activity.

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