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Statements under OpenVMS

ATTRIB Statement: OpenVMS

Associates a format, an informat, a label, or a length, or all four with one or more variables.
Valid: in a DATA step
OpenVMS specifics: length specification
See: ATTRIB Statement in SAS Language Reference: Dictionary



ATTRIB variable-list-1 attribute-list-1< . . . variable-list-n attribute-list-n>;

Note:   Here is a simplified explanation of the ATTRIB statement syntax. For complete syntax and its explanation, see the ATTRIB statement in SAS Language Reference: Dictionary.  [cautionend]



specifies the length of variables in variable-list. A dollar sign ($) is required at the beginning of the length of character variables. For character variables, the value of length can be 1 to 32,767.


Under OpenVMS on HP Integrity Servers, the minimum length that you can specify for a numeric variable is 3 bytes.

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