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Procedures under OpenVMS

OPTIONS Procedure: OpenVMS

Lists the current values of SAS system options.
OpenVMS specifics: host options listed
See: OPTIONS Procedure in Base SAS Procedures Guide



PROC OPTIONS <options(s)>;


This is a simplified version of the OPTIONS procedure syntax. For the complete syntax and its explanation, see the OPTIONS procedure in Base SAS Procedures Guide.  [cautionend]


controls the format of the list of system options and the number of items displayed. For a list of host options available for OpenVMS, use the following option:


displays only host options (HOST) or only portable options (NOHOST). PORTABLE is an alias for NOHOST.


The OPTIONS procedure lists the current settings of the SAS system options.

The portable options (session and configuration) displayed by the OPTIONS procedure are the same for every operating environment, although the default values might differ slightly. However, the host options that PROC OPTIONS displays are different for each operating environment.

Also, some option values depend on which mode of operation you use to run SAS. For example, the default for the LOG= option is blank under a windowing environment, but in interactive line mode the default is SYS$OUTPUT. Finally, the way you set up your process affects the default values of system options. For example, the default value of the CONFIG= option depends on whether you have defined the OpenVMS logical name SAS$CONFIG in your process.

By using PROC OPTIONS, you can check the values of all system options. For more information about a particular host option, see the entry for the option in System Options under OpenVMS.

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