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Procedures under OpenVMS

CATALOG Procedure: OpenVMS

Manages entries in SAS catalogs.
OpenVMS specifics: FILE= option in the CONTENTS statement
See: CATALOG Procedure in Base SAS Procedures Guide



PROC CATALOG CATALOG=<libref.>catalog <ENTRYTYPE=etype> <KILL>;
CONTENTS <OUT=SAS-data-set> <FILE=fileref>;

Note:   This is a simplified version of the CATALOG procedure syntax. For the complete syntax and its explanation, see the CATALOG procedure in Base SAS Procedures Guide.  [cautionend]


names a file specification that is specific to the OpenVMS operating environment.


The CATALOG procedure manages entries in SAS catalogs.

The FILE= option in the CONTENTS statement of the CATALOG procedure accepts a file specification that is specific to OpenVMS. If an unquoted file specification is given in the FILE= option, but no FILENAME statement or DCL DEFINE command has been issued to define the file specification, then the file is named based on the rules for naming OpenVMS files. Consider the following example. If MYFILE is neither a SAS fileref nor an OpenVMS logical name, then the file MYFILE.LIS, containing the list of contents for SASUSER.PROFILE, is created in your default directory:

proc catalog catalog=sasuser.profile;
   contents file=myfile;

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