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Informats under OpenVMS

PDw.d Informat: OpenVMS

Reads packed decimal values.
Category: numeric
Width range: 1 to 16
Default width: 1
Decimal range: 0 to 10
OpenVMS specifics: How values are interpreted as negative or positive
See: PDw.d Informat in SAS Language Reference: Dictionary

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specifies the width of the input field.


specifies the power of 10 by which to divide the input value. This argument is optional. If you specify d, the PDw.d informat divides the input value by the 10d value. If the data contains decimal points, then SAS ignores the d value.


Under OpenVMS, the least significant 4 bits of the least significant byte in the PD value are interpreted as follows:

The PDw.d format writes missing numerical data as -0. When the PDw.d informat reads -0, it stores it as 0.

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