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Functions and CALL Routines under OpenVMS


Verifies the existence of an external file by its physical name.
Category: External Files
OpenVMS specifics: Valid values for filename
See: FILEEXIST Function in SAS Language Reference: Dictionary

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specifies a fully qualified physical filename of the external file. In a DATA step, filename can be a character expression, a string in quotation marks, or a DATA step variable. In a macro, filename can be any expression.

Under OpenVMS, the filename that you specify must be enclosed in single or double quotation marks.


The FILEEXIST function returns a value of 1 if the external file exists and a value of 0 if the external file does not exist.

You must always use fully qualified physical filenames with the FILEEXIST function. An example of a fully qualified physical filename is the TEST.SAS file in your default directory. For more information, see Basics of the OpenVMS File System.

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