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Formats under OpenVMS

IBw.d Format: OpenVMS

Writes numbers in integer binary (fixed-point) format.
Category: numeric
Width range: 1 to 8
Default width: 4
Decimal range: 0 to 10
Alignment: left
OpenVMS specifics: twos-complement notation; overflow behavior
See: IBw.d Format in SAS Language Reference: Dictionary

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specifies the width of the output field in bytes (not digits).


specifies a scaling factor. The scaling factor is optional. When you specify a d value, the IBw.d format multiplies the number by the 10d value, and then applies the integer binary format to that value.


Negative values are stored in twos-complement notation. If a noninteger value is formatted, rounding occurs. If the value to be formatted is too large to fit in a field of the specified width, then the IBw.d format does the following:

For more information about OpenVMS native fixed-point values, see HP OpenVMS Programming Concepts Manual, Volume II, Part I, OpenVMS Programming Interfaces: Calling a System Routine.


If you format the value 300 using the IB1. format, you receive the following value:


which is the largest positive value that fits in a byte.

If you format the value -300 using the IB1. format, you receive the following value:


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