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Statements under UNIX

X Statement: UNIX

Issues an operating environment command from within a SAS session.
Valid: anywhere
UNIX specifics: valid operating system command
See: X Statement in SAS Language Reference: Dictionary

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X <'operating system command'>;

operating system command

specifies the UNIX command. If you specify only one UNIX command, you do not need to enclose it in quotation marks. Also, if you are running SAS from the Korn shell, you cannot use aliases.


The X statement issues a UNIX command from within a SAS session. SAS executes the X statement immediately.

Neither the X statement nor the %SYSEXEC macro program statement is intended for use during the execution of a DATA step. The CALL SYSTEM routine, however, can be executed within a DATA step. See CALL SYSTEM Routine: UNIX for an example.

Note:   The X statement is not supported without arguments under the X Window System.  [cautionend]

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