CATALOG Procedure: z/OS

Manages entries in SAS catalogs.
z/OS specifics: FILE= option


The FILE= option in the CONTENTS statement of the CATALOG procedure is the only portion of this procedure that is host specific. Under z/OS, if the value that you specify in the FILE= option has not been previously defined as a fileref (using a FILENAME statement, FILENAME function, TSO ALLOCATE command, or JCL DD statement), then SAS uses the value to construct the physical filename.
In the following example, if the SAS system option FILEPROMPT is in effect, a dialog box asks whether you want to allocate the external file whose fileref is SAMPLE. If you reply Yes, then SAS attempts to locate the external file. If the file was not previously allocated, then SAS allocates it. To construct the data set name, SAS inserts the value of the SYSPREF= system option in front of the FILE= value (in this case, SAMPLE), and it appends the name LIST to it. In this example, if the value of SYSPREF= is SASDEMO.V9, then SAS allocates a physical file that is named SASDEMO.V9.SAMPLE.LIST.
proc catalog catalog=profile;
   contents file=sample;

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