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Informats under z/OS

Ew.d Informat: z/OS

Reads numeric values that are stored in scientific notation.
Width range: 7- 32 bytes
Default width: 12
Decimal range: 0-31
z/OS specifics: interprets input as EBCDIC, minimum and maximum values
See: Ew.d Informat in SAS Language Reference: Dictionary

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Numbers are interpreted using the EBCDIC character-encoding system, with one digit per byte. The range of the magnitude of acceptable values is from 5.4 x 10-79 to 7.2 x 1075. Any number outside this range causes an overflow error.

The following examples illustrate the use of the informat.

Data Line Informat Value
1.230E+02 e10. 123
-1.230E+02 e10. -123
1.230E+01 e10. 12.3
1.235E+08 e10. 123,500,000

Note:   In these examples, Data Line shows what the input looks like when viewed from a text editor. Value is the number that is used by SAS after the data pattern has been read using the corresponding informat.  [cautionend]

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