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System Options under z/OS

FONTSLOC= System Option: z/OS

Specifies the location of the SAS fonts that are loaded during the SAS session.
Default: NULL
Valid in: SAS invocation
z/OS specifics: all
See: FONTSLOC= System Option in SAS Language Reference: Dictionary



FONTSLOC=hig- level qualifier(s) | HFS directory path

high-level qualifier(s)

specified when the font files that are supplied by SAS are stored in native MVS files.

HFS directory path

specified if the font files are saved in a UFS directory.


SAS distributes font files for use by the universal printer GIF driver as native z/OS files with the following characteristics:

If the font files were installed into SAS9.SASMONO.TTF and SAS9.SASMONOB.TTF, specify FONTSLOC=SAS9 at SAS invocation.

These font files can be copied to the UFS file system if it is available at your site. In this case, the specification for the FONTSLOC= option would be similar to FONTSLOC='/sas9/fonts', assuming that the font files were saved in this directory.

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