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System Options under z/OS

REALMEMSIZE= System Option: z/OS

Specifies the amount of real memory SAS can expect to allocate.
Default: 0
Valid in: SAS invocation, configuration file
Category: System Administration: MEMORY
z/OS specifics: all

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REALMEMSIZE=n | nK | nM | nG | hexX

n | nK | nM | nG

specifies the amount of memory that can be used in multiples of 1 (bytes); 1,024 (kilobytes); 1,048,576 (megabytes); or 1,073,741,824 (gigabytes). You can specify decimal values for the number of kilobytes, megabytes, or gigabytes. For example, a value of 8 specifies 8 bytes, a value of .782k specifies 801 bytes, and a value of 3m specifies 3,145,728 bytes.


specifies the amount of memory as a hexadecimal value. You must specify the value beginning with a number (0-9), followed by an X. For example, the value 2dx sets the amount of memory to 45 bytes and a value of 0a0x sets the amount of memory to 160 bytes.


The REALMEMSIZE option is accepted to provide compatibility with SAS code that is written on other platforms. The option is designed for use on platforms that do not have the concept of REGION, and it is not an effective tuning tool on z/OS. Although SAS on z/OS accepts the REALMEMSIZE option, it does not use any value that is specified for the option.

The value of REALMEMSIZE should not be changed from the default. Use the MEMLEAVE option for tuning memory use on z/OS.

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