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System Options under z/OS

MEMLEAVE= System Option: z/OS

Specifies the amount of memory in the user's region that is reserved exclusively for the use of the operating environment.
Default: 512K
Valid in: configuration file, SAS invocation
Category: System Administration: MEMORY
z/OS specifics: all

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MEMLEAVE=n | nK | nM | MIN | hexX

n | nK | nM

specifies the amount of memory reserved in multiples of 1 (bytes); 1,024 (kilobytes); or 1,048,576 (megabytes). You can specify decimal values for the number of kilobytes or megabytes. For example, a value of 8 specifies 8 bytes, a value of .782k specifies 801 bytes, and a value of 3m specifies 3,145,728 bytes.


specifies the amount of memory reserved as the minimum value, 0 bytes.


specifies the amount of memory reserved as a hexadecimal number of bytes.


MEMLEAVE= reserves memory in your region that SAS does not use. A minimum memory reservation is required so that the operating environment can perform cleanup activities in the event of an abnormal termination of SAS. You might need to reserve additional memory based on the amount of processing that is taking place in your region outside of SAS.

The value of MEMLEAVE= has no bearing on the values of the PROCLEAVE= and SYSLEAVE= system options. MEMLEAVE= reserves memory that is never used by SAS. This memory is used exclusively by the operating environment. PROCLEAVE= and SYSLEAVE= reserve SAS memory only.

Setting MEMLEAVE= to 0 is not recommended except for debugging and testing purposes. The optimal setting depends on the application and the system resources that are available at your site.

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