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Procedures under z/OS

CIMPORT Procedure: z/OS

Restores a transport file that was created by the CPORT procedure.
z/OS specifics: options
See: The CIMPORT Procedure in Base SAS Procedures Guide

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The DISK option is the default for the CIMPORT procedure. Therefore, PROC CIMPORT defaults to reading from a file on disk instead of from a tape. If you want to read a file from tape, then specify the TAPE option.

When writing and reading files to and from tapes, you are not required to specify the DCB attributes in a SAS FILENAME statement or FILENAME function. However, it is recommended that you specify BLKSIZE=8000.

Note:   Starting in SAS 9.1, you can use the MIGRATE procedure to migrate a SAS library from a previous release. For more information, see the Migration focus area at  [cautionend]

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