Reports the IP address of the grid node on which the SAS session was chosen to execute.
Valid in: %SYSFUNC or %QSYSFUNC Macro, DATA step
Category: Grid



Without Arguments

Required Argument

identifies the server session that is executing on the grid. The identifier can be specified as follows:
""| "
is an empty string that is used to refer to the computer on which the function is executing.
specifies the server session that is executing on a grid.
You use the same server-ID that was used to sign on to a server session using the RSUBMIT statement or the SIGNON statement. Each server ID is associated with a fully qualified domain name (FQDN). The name resolution system that is part of the TCP/IP protocol is responsible for associating the IP address with the FQDN. The output is one or more IP addresses that are associated with the server. IP addresses are represented in IPv4 and IPv6 format, as appropriate.
Requirement:Double or single quotation marks can be used. Do not insert a space between the double or single quotation marks.
Interaction:If the function is used in a DATA step, enclose server-ID in double or single quotation marks.


/* The following sets the macro variable 'myip' to the IP address      */
/* of the grid node associated with the server session 'task1'         */
/*-------------------------------------------------------------------- */

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