Specifies a device-resident font by associating a CHARTYPE number with a device-resident font. Also defines a default size to use with that font.
Used by: GDEVICE procedure
Default: device-dependent



Parameter Values

a list of values that correspond to the fields in the Chartype window. Charrec-list has this form:
type, rows, cols, 'font', 'Y' | 'N'
is the CHARTYPE number and can be an integer from 0 to 9999. (See CHARTYPE for more information.)
is the number of rows of text in the font that will fit on the display. (See ROWS for more information.)
is the number of columns of text in the font that will fit on the display. (See COLS for more information.)
is a character string enclosed in quotation marks that contains the name of the corresponding device-resident font. (See FONT NAME for more information.)
represents a scalable font. A scalable font can be displayed at any size. (See SCALABLE for more information.)
represents a nonscalable font. A nonscalable font can be displayed only at a fixed size. (See SCALABLE for more information.)
For example, these values assign the device's Helvetica font to be the first device-resident font in the CHARTYPE window of the driver entry:
charrec=(1, 100, 75, 'helvetica', 'y')