Specifies which output bin the printer should use if multiple bins are available on the device.
Used by: GOPTIONS statement, OPTIONS statement
Default: 1 (the upper output bin)
Restrictions: hardware-dependent, PostScript printers require a PPD file

not supported by Java or ActiveX



Options Used in Both GOPTIONS and OPTIONS Statements



Parameter Values

specifies the name or number of the output bin. Values for bin depend on the type of printer and can be one of the following:
the name or number of the output bin – for example, PAPERDEST=4, PAPERDEST=BIN2, PAPERDEST=SIDE
'long bin name'
a character string that is the name of the output bin – for example, PAPERDEST='Top Output Bin'. Names with blanks or special characters must be quoted.
For PostScript printers, the value for bin must correspond to an OutputBin value in the PPD file.
For PCL printers, consult the printer's documentation for valid bin values. If a numeric value exceeds the maximum bin value allowed for the printer, a warning message is issued . For string values, the string is checked against a list of strings that are valid for the driver (for example, 'UPPER', 'LOWER', or 'OPTIONALOUTBINn', where n is the bin number). If the string is not valid for the driver, a warning message is issued.