Specifies the increment of paper that is ejected when a graph is completed.
Used by: GOPTIONS statement, GDEVICE procedure, GDEVICE Detail window
Default: PAPERFEED=0.0 IN
Restriction: device-dependent; not supported by Java or ActiveX


PAPERFEED=feed-increment <IN | CM>

Parameter Values

feed-increment <IN | CM>
must be a nonnegative number and can be followed by a unit specification, either IN for inches (default) or CM for centimeters.


PAPERFEED does not control the total length of the ejection. If you specify PAPERFEED=1, the driver ejects paper in 1-inch increments until the total amount of paper ejected is at least half an inch greater than the size of the graph last printed. If you specify PAPERFEED=8.5 IN, the paper is ejected in increments of 8.5 inches, measuring from the origin of the first graph.
PAPERFEED is provided mainly for plotters that use fanfold or roll paper. If you are using fanfold paper, specify a value for PAPERFEED that is equal to the distance between the perforations.