About the DSGI GSET Functions

GSET functions enable you to set attributes for the graphics elements. Some GSET functions set the attributes for a subset of graphics primitives. Attributes prefixed by FIL control the appearance of the graphics primitives GDRAW('BAR', . . . ), GDRAW('ELLIPSE', . . . ), GDRAW('FILL', . . . ), and GDRAW('PIE', . . . ). See DATA Step Graphics Interface Routines for a complete list of the attributes that control the appearance of the graphics primitives.
Some GSET functions affect the appearance of the entire graphics output. GSET('HPOS', . . . ) and GSET('VPOS', . . . ) set the number of columns and rows for the output. See each GSET function for the aspect of the graphics output it controls.
When using GSET functions, remember the following:
  • All arguments must be specified.
  • All arguments are specified as variables or constants. If you express an argument as a variable, the variable must be initialized.
  • All character arguments that are expressed as character strings must be enclosed in quotation marks.
  • All character variable names used as arguments must be declared in a LENGTH statement.
  • All character constants must be enclosed in single or double quotation marks.