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Graphics Options and Device Parameters Dictionary


Resets graphics options to their defaults and/or cancels global statements.
Used in: GOPTIONS statement



RESET=ALL | GLOBAL | statement-name | (statement-name(s))


sets all graphics options to defaults and cancels all global statements.


cancels all global statements (AXIS, FOOTNOTE, LEGEND, PATTERN, SYMBOL, and TITLE). Options in the GOPTIONS statement are unaffected.


resets or cancels only the specified global statements. For example, RESET=PATTERN cancels all PATTERN statements only. To cancel several statements at one time, enclose the statement names in parentheses. For example, RESET=(TITLE FOOTNOTE AXIS).

Note:   RESET=GOPTIONS sets all graphics options to defaults but does not cancel any global statements.  [cautionend]

Featured in: Example 10. Creating a Bar Chart with Drill-Down Functionality for the Web


RESET=ALL or RESET=GOPTIONS must be the first option specified in the GOPTIONS statement; otherwise, the graphics options that precede the RESET= option in the GOPTIONS statement are reset. Other options can follow the RESET= graphics option in the statement.

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