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Graphics Options and Device Parameters Dictionary


Specifies the device driver to which SAS/GRAPH sends the procedure output. The device driver controls the format of graphics output.
Alias: DEV
Used in: GOPTIONS statement OPTIONS statement
Default: device-dependent





specifies the name of a device entry that is stored in a device catalog.


A device driver can direct graphics output to a hardware device, such as a terminal or a printer, or can create an external file in another graphics file format, such as TIF, GIF, or PostScript. Some device drivers also generate both graphics files and HTML files that can be viewed with a Web browser.

Usually a device driver is assigned by default. If a default driver is not assigned or if you specify RESET=ALL in a GOPTIONS statement, and you do not specify a device driver, SAS/GRAPH prompts you to enter a driver name when you execute a procedure that produces graphics output. If you are producing a graph to the screen and the Graph window is active, SAS/GRAPH selects the display driver for you automatically.

For a description of device drivers and for more information on selecting a device entry and changing device parameters, see Using Graphics Devices.

For information on using device drivers to display and print graphics output, see SAS/GRAPH Output.

For information on using device drivers to export graphics output to external files, see Specifying the Graphics Output File Type for Your Graph. For information on using device drivers to create output for the Web, see Generating Web Presentations.

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