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Specifying Fonts in SAS/GRAPH Programs

Default Fonts

Many of the default fonts are specified in the SAS registry. See Viewing Font Specifications in the SAS Registry. The SAS registry is localized, so fonts that are specified by the SAS registry are dependent on your locale.

For most devices, when you are using styles (the GSTYLE system option is in effect), fonts are specified by the current style. Each style specifies fonts for various graph elements such as axis labels, graph titles, tick mark labels, and so on. See Modifying the GraphFonts And GraphColors Style Elements and The GraphFonts Style Element for more information about the font specifications in the styles. See Style Attributes Versus Device Entry Parameters for more information on the GSTYLE system option.

Fonts Used By Default When NOGSTYLE System Option Is In Effect shows the fonts used when styles are not active (the NOGSTYLE system option is in effect).

Fonts Used By Default When NOGSTYLE System Option Is In Effect
Device TITLE1 All Other Text
GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, SVG, SASBMP, SASPRTx, GIFANIM, PCL, PS, PDF Swiss Font specified by <MTmonospace> subkey in the SAS registry
BMP, ZGIF, ZPNG, ZJPEG, ZTIFF in all environments except z/OS

EMF and WMF on Windows

Display devices for Graph window: WIN, XCOLOR, IBMPCGX

Swiss Font specified by DMSFont
SASEMF, SASWMF, EMF and WMF in other operating environments Swiss Font specified by <MTmonospace> subkey in the SAS registry
JAVAMETA Swiss Font specified in the Chartype 1 field in the device entry
CGM, ZPCL, ZPS, ZPDF Swiss Font specified by the device entry

The DMS font is controlled by the FONT= option on Windows, by the Xdefaults X resources on UNIX, and by the host display code on z/OS. For more information, see the SAS documentation for your operating environment.

Note:   In some cases, SAS/GRAPH can switch to Simulate. When styles are turned off (the NOGSTYLE system option is in effect), the only default font that is scalable is the font used for TITLE1. If the height specified for other fonts is not equal to one, then SAS/GRAPH switches to Simulate. See The SIMULATE Font for more information.  [cautionend]

The Java and ActiveX devices ignore the NOGSTYLE system option; they always use styles. When you are using the Java and ActiveX devices (which always use styles), the fonts are determined at run time. The fonts are resolved based on the fonts available on the system where the graph is viewed. When you use the JAVA or ACTIVEX device, the fonts specified by the styles are also specified in the HTML or RTF file that is generated. When the file is viewed, if a font is not available, the font mapper on the system where the file is viewed determines the font that is substituted.

See Specifying a Font and Methods For Specifying Fonts for information on how to override default font specifications.

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