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The GENESELECT Procedure


PARTIALDEP <DATA=> <OUT=> VAR=(varlist) ;

The PARTIALDEP statement outputs a partial dependency function for plots and interaction detection.


names the input data set. If the DATA= option is absent, the procedure uses the data. Only the variables listed in the VAR= option are used.


names the output data set to contain the partial dependency function. If the OUT= option is absent, the GENESELECT procedure creates a data set name by using the DATA convention. The output variables are the same as output with the OUT= option to the SCORE statement.


specifies the variable or pair of variables for which to compute the partial dependency. Parentheses must enclose the list, varlist. The PARTIALDEP statement requires at least one variable and at most two variables. The procedure ignores the value of all other variables.

Note: This procedure is experimental.

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