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The BTL Procedure

Syntax: BTL Procedure

The following statements are available in PROC BTL.

PROC BTL <options> ;
BY variables ;
CLASS variables ;
MARKER variables </ options> ;
MODEL dependent <= fixed-effects> </ options> ;
PARMEST <options> ;
PARMS (value-list) ...</ options> ;
RANDOM random-effects </ options> ;
REPEATED <repeated-effect> </ options> ;
WEIGHT variable ;

Items within angle brackets (<> ) are optional. The RANDOM statements can appear multiple times; all other statements can appear only once.

The PROC BTL, MARKER, and MODEL statements are required, and the MODEL statement must appear after the CLASS and/or MARKER statement if either or both statements are included. The RANDOM and REPEATED statements must follow the MODEL statement.

Note: This procedure is experimental.

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