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The BTL Procedure

MODEL Statement

MODEL dependent <= fixed-effects> < / options> ;

The MODEL statement names a single dependent variable and the fixed effects. These user-specified fixed effects, along with the interaction effect of all the markers in the MARKER statement (that is implicitly added to the model if the MARKER statement is used), determine the matrix of the mixed model. The specification of effects is the same as in the GLM procedure; however, unlike PROC GLM, you do not specify random effects in the MODEL statement. The MODEL statement is required.

An intercept is included in the fixed-effects model by default. If no fixed effects or markers are specified, only this intercept term is fit. The intercept can be removed by using the NOINT option.

The dependent variable can be of any type for the computation of model statistics; however, it needs to be a binary variable if the PARMEST statement is used with values 0 and 1.

You can specify the following option in the MODEL statement after a slash (/):


requests that no intercept be included in the model. An intercept is included by default.

Note: This procedure is experimental.

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