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The FSVIEW Procedure


The FSVIEW procedure enables you to browse or edit a SAS data set, displaying the data set as a table of rows and columns. You can also use it to create a new SAS data set.

The procedure provides tools for customizing an FSVIEW application. For example, you can redesign the display by changing the size, position, and colors of the FSVIEW window. You can also add computed variables, which display values that are calculated from other variables in the data set.

You can also open the FSVIEW window by issuing an FSVIEW command from any SAS System command line.

The FSVIEW procedure edits a SAS data set in place.

The FSVIEW procedure does not leave an unedited copy of the original. If you need to preserve the original data, be sure to make a copy of the data set before you begin editing.  [cautionend]

Note:   Partially displayed data values are automatically protected in an FSVIEW window, and cannot be edited.  [cautionend]

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