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The FSEDIT Procedure

VAR Statement

Selects which variables to display and what order to display then in.
Reminder: The VAR statement is ignored if an existing SCREEN entry is specified in the SCREEN= option of the PROC FSEDIT statement.
Restriction: The VAR statement causes an error if it is used in conjunction with a PROC FSEDIT statement that includes the NEW= option.
Tip: When more than one variable name is supplied, any valid form of variable list can be used. See SAS Language Reference: Concepts for details about variable lists.

VAR variable <... variable-n>;



is the name of a variable from the input data set.

Using the VAR Statement

By default, the FSEDIT procedure displays all of the variables in the data set and arranges the variables in the order in which they appear in the data set. You can use the VAR statement to control which variables appear in the FSEDIT window and in what order they appear. The maximum number of variable fields that are visible at any given time depends on the width and height of the FSEDIT window.

During an FSEDIT session, you can modify the display to add or remove variable fields.

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