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The FSEDIT Procedure

LABEL Statement

Associates descriptive labels with variables in the input data set.
Restriction: You must specify the LABEL option in the PROC FSEDIT statement in order for fields in the FSEDIT window to be identified with labels rather than with variable names. Thus, the LABEL statement is useful only in conjunction with the LABEL option.
Reminder: Labels that you specify in the LABEL statement are ignored if you specify an existing SCREEN entry in the SCREEN= option of the PROC FSEDIT statement.

LABEL variable='label' <... variable-n='label-n'>;


At least one pair of the following arguments is required:


is the name of a variable from the input data set.


is a string up to 256 characters long.

Using the LABEL Statement

By default, the FSEDIT procedure identifies each field in the FSEDIT window with the corresponding variable name. Labels can be longer and more informative than variable names.

Variable labels that are specified in a LABEL statement take precedence over labels that are stored in the data set itself. The LABEL statement does not affect any variable labels that are stored in the data set.

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