The SASEHAVR Interface Engine

Example 42.5 Viewing Daily Time Series from a Haver Database

Consider viewing the Haver Analytics daily database named haverd. The contents of this database can be seen by submitting the following DATA step:

libname lib1 sasehavr "%sysget(HAVER_DATA)"

data hwoutd;
   set lib1.haverd;

title1 'Haver Analytics Database, HAVERD.DAT';
title2 'PROC CONTENTS for Time Series converted to daily frequency';
proc contents data=hwoutd;

Output 42.5.1 shows the output of PROC CONTENTS with the time ID variable DATE followed by the time series variables FCM10, FCM1M, FFED, FFP1D, FXAUS, and TCC with their corresponding attributes such as type, length, format, and label.

Output 42.5.1: Examining the Contents of a Daily Haver Analytics Database, haverd.dat

Haver Analytics Database, HAVERD.DAT
PROC CONTENTS for Time Series converted to daily frequency

The CONTENTS Procedure

Alphabetic List of Variables and Attributes
# Variable Type Len Format Label
1 DATE Num 8 DATE9. Date of Observation
2 FCM10 Num 8   10-Year Treasury Note Yield at Constant Maturity (Avg, % p.a.)
3 FCM1M Num 8   1-Month Treasury Bill Market Bid Yield at Constant Maturity (%)
4 FFED Num 8   Federal Funds [Effective] Rate (% p.a.)
5 FFP1D Num 8   1-Day AA Financial Commercial Paper (% per annum)
6 FXAUS Num 8   Foreign Exchange Rate: Australia (US$/Australian$)
7 TCC Num 8   Treasury: Closing Operating Cash Balance (Today, Mil.$)