The SASEFAME Interface Engine

Reading and Converting Fame Database Time Series

The SASEFAME engine supports reading and converting time series that reside in Fame databases. The SASEFAME engine uses Fame’s Work database to temporarily store the converted time series. All series that are specified by the Fame wildcard are written to the Fame Work database. For conversion of very large databases, you might want to define the FAME_TEMP environment variable to point to a location where there is ample space for the Fame Work database.

The SASEFAME engine provides seamless access to Fame databases via Fame’s C host language interface (CHLI). Fame expressions that contain formulas and Fame functions can be input to the engine via the INSET= option.

The SASEFAME engine finishes the CHLI whenever a fatal error occurs. To restart the engine after a fatal error, terminate the current SAS session and open a new SAS session.