Internal Rate of Return

Having selected a generic cashflow from the Investment Analysis dialog box, to perform an internal rate of return calculation, select Analyze $\rightarrow $ Internal Rate of Return from the Investment Analysis dialog box’s menu bar. This opens the Internal Rate of Return dialog box displayed in Figure 58.11.

Figure 58.11: Internal Rate of Return Dialog Box

Internal Rate of Return Dialog Box

The following items are displayed:

IRR Summary contains a row for each deposit. Each row holds:

Name holds the name of the investment.

IRR holds the internal rate of return for that investment.

interval holds the interest rate interval for that IRR.

Print becomes available when you fill the IRR summary. Clicking it sends the contents of the summary to the SAS session print device.

Save Data As opens the Save Output Dataset dialog box where you can save the IRR summary (or portions thereof) as a SAS data set.

Return takes you back to the Investment Analysis dialog box.