Investment Analysis

Figure 55.7: Investment Analysis Dialog Box

Investment Analysis Dialog Box

Investment Portfolio Name holds the name of the portfolio. The name is of the form library.catalog_entry.portfolio. The default portfolio name is work.invest.invest1, as in Figure 55.7.

Portfolio Description provides a more descriptive explanation of the portfolio’s contents. You can edit this description any time this dialog box is active.

The Portfolio area contains the list of investments comprising the particular portfolio. Each investment in the Portfolio area displays the following attributes:

Name is the name of the investment. It must be a valid SAS name. It is used to distinguish investments when performing analyses and computations.

Label is a place where you can provide a more descriptive explanation of the investment.

Type is the type of investment, which is fixed when you create the investment. It is one of the following: LOAN, SAVINGS, DEPRECIATION, BOND, or OTHER.

Additional tools to aid in the management of your portfolio are available by selecting from the menu bar or by right-clicking within the Portfolio area.