The UCM Procedure

OUTLIER Statement

OUTLIER <options> ;

The OUTLIER statement enables you to control the reporting of the additive outliers (AO) and level shifts (LS) in the response series. The AOs are searched by default. You can turn on the search for LSs by using the CHECKBREAK option in the LEVEL statement.


specifies the significance level for reporting the outliers. The default is 0.05.


limits the number of outliers to search. The default is MAXNUM=5.


is similar to the MAXNUM= option. In the MAXPCT= option you can limit the number of outliers to search for according to a percentage of the series length. The default is MAXPCT=1. When both of these options are specified, the minimum of the two search numbers is used.


enables you to control the printed output of the outlier search. The PRINT=SHORT option, which is the default, produces an outlier summary table containing the most significant outliers, either AO or LS, discovered in the outlier search. The PRINT=DETAIL option produces, in addition to the outlier summary table, separate tables containing the AO and LS structural break chi-square statistics computed at each time point in the estimation span.