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The X12 Procedure

ODS Graphics

This section describes the use of ODS for creating graphics with the X12 procedure. To request these graphs, you must specify the ODS GRAPHICS statement.

The graphics available through ODS GRAPHICS are ACF plots, PACF plots, and spectral graphs. ACF and PACF plots are not available unless the IDENTIFY statement is used. A spectral plot of the original series is always available; however additional spectral plots are provided when the X11 statement is used. When the ODS GRAPHICS statement is not used, the plots are integrated into the ACF, PACF, and spectral tables as a column of the table.

ODS Graph Names

PROC X12 assigns a name to each graph it creates by using ODS. You can use these names to reference the graphs when using ODS. The names are listed in Table 32.9.

Table 32.9 ODS Graphics Produced by PROC X12

ODS Graph Name

Plot Description


autocorrelation of model residuals


partial autocorrelation of model residuals


spectral plot of original or adjusted series

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