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Window Reference

Save Data As

Use Save Data As from the Time Series Viewer Window or the Model Viewer Window to save data displayed in a table to a SAS data set or external file.

Use Save Forecast As from the Develop Models Window to save forecasts and related data including the series name, model, and interval. It supports append mode, enabling you to accumulate the forecasts of multiple series in a single data set.


To save your data in a SAS data set, provide a library name or assign one by using the Browse button, then provide a data set name or accept the default. Enter a descriptive label for the data set in the Label field. Click OK to save the data set. If you specify an existing data set, it will be overwritten, except in the case of Save Forecast As.

External file output takes advantage of the Output Delivery System (ODS) and is designed primarily for creating HTML tables for Web reporting. You can build a set of Web pages quickly and use the ODS Results window to view and organize them. To use this feature, check Save External File in the External File Output box. To set ODS options, click Results Preferences, then select the Results tab in the Preferences dialog.

If you have previously saved data of the current type, the system remembers your previous labels and titles. To reuse them, click the arrow button to the right of each of these window fields.

Use the Customize button if you need to specify the name of a custom macro that contains ODS statements. The default macro simply runs the PRINT procedure. A custom macro can be used to add PRINT procedure and/or ODS statements to customize the type and organization of output files produced.

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