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The MDC Procedure

MDCDATA Statement

MDCDATA options < / OUT= SAS-data-set > ;

The MDCDATA statement prepares data for use by PROC MDC when the choice-specific information is stored in multiple variables (see Output 17.1).

VARLIST (name1 = (var1 var2  ...)  name2 = (var1 var2 ...)  ...)

creates variables from a multiple variable list of choice alternatives in parentheses. The choice-specific dummy variables are created for the first set of multiple variables. At least one set of multiple variables must be specified.

SELECT=( variable )

specifies a variable that contains choices for each individual.

ID=( name )

creates a variable that identifies each individual.

ALT=( name )

identifies selection alternatives for each individual.

DECVAR=( name )

creates a 0-1 variable indicating the choice made for each individual.


specifies a SAS data set where modified data are outputted.

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