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The File Menu

Investment Analysis stores portfolios as catalog entries. Portfolios contain a collection of investments, providing a structure to collect investments with a common purpose or goal (like a retirement or building fund portfolio). It may be advantageous also to collect investments into a common portfolio if they are competing investments you want to perform a comparative analysis upon. Within this structure you can perform computations and analyses on a collection of investments in a portfolio, just as you would perform them on a single investment.

Investment Analysis provides many tools to aid in your manipulation of portfolios through the File menu, shown in Figure 46.1.

Figure 46.1 File Menu
File Menu

The File menu offers the following items:

New Portfolio creates an empty portfolio with a new name.

Open Portfolio opens the standard SAS Open dialog box where you select a portfolio to open.

Save Portfolio saves the current portfolio to its current name.

Save Portfolio As opens the standard SAS Save As dialog box where you supply a new portfolio name for the current portfolio.

Close closes Investment Analysis.

Exit closes SAS (Windows only).

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