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Benefit-Cost Ratio Analysis

Having selected a generic cashflow from the Investment Analysis dialog box, to compute a benefit-cost ratio, select Analyze Benefit-Cost Ratio from the Investment Analysis dialog box’s menu bar. This opens the Benefit-Cost Ratio Analysis dialog box displayed in Figure 49.12.

Figure 49.12 Benefit-Cost Ratio Analysis Dialog Box
Benefit-Cost Ratio Analysis Dialog Box

The following items are displayed:

Analysis Specifications

Dates holds the dates as of which to compute the Benefit-Cost ratios.

Constant MARR holds the desired MARR. This value is used if the MARR List area is empty.

MARR List holds date-rate pairs that express your desired MARR as it changes over time. Each date refers to when that expected MARR begins. Right-clicking within the MARR List area reveals many helpful tools for managing date-rate pairs.

Create Benefit-Cost Ratio Summary becomes available when you adequately specify the analysis. Clicking Create Benefit-Cost Ratio Summary fills the benefit-cost ratio summary.

Benefit-Cost Ratio Summary fills when you click Exchange the Rates. The area contains a row for each date in the Dates area. The remainder of each row holds the benefit-cost ratios at that date, one value for each investment selected.

Print becomes available when you fill the benefit-cost ratio summary. Clicking it sends the contents of the summary to the SAS session print device.

Save Data As becomes available when you generate the benefit-cost ratio summary. Clicking it opens the Save Output Dataset dialog box where you can save the summary (or portions thereof) as a SAS Dataset.

Return takes you back to the Investment Analysis dialog box.

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