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SAS Enterprise Guide®

SAS Enterprise Guide has the following features:

  • integration with the SAS9 platform:

    • open metadata repository (OMR) integration

    • SAS report integration

      • create report interface

      • ODS support

      • Web report studio integration

    • access to information maps

    • ETL studio impact analysis

    • ESRI integration within the OLAP analyzer

    • data mining scoring task

  • the user interface and workflow

    • process flow

    • ability to create stored processes from process flows

    • SAS folders window

    • project parameters

    • query builder interface

    • code node

    • OLAP analyzer

      • ESRI integration

      • tree-diagram-based OLAP explorer

      • SAS report snapshots

      • SAS Web OLAP viewer for .NET ability to create EG projects

    • workspace maximization

With Enterprise Guide, you can perform time series analysis with the following EG procedures:

  • prepare time series data—the Prepare Time Series Data task can be used to make data more suitable for analysis by other time series tasks.

  • create time series data—the Create Time Series Data wizard helps you convert transactional data into fixed-interval time series. Transactional data are time-stamped data collected over time with irregular or varied frequency.

  • ARIMA Modeling and Forecasting task

  • Basic Forecasting task

  • Regression Analysis with Autoregressive Errors

  • Regression Analysis of Panel Data

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