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JMP® Software

JMP software uses a flexible graphical interface to display and analyze data. JMP dynamically links statistics and graphics so you can easily explore data, make discoveries, and gain the knowledge you need to make better decisions. JMP provides a comprehensive set of statistical tools as well as design of experiments (DOE) and advanced quality control (QC and SPC) tools for Six Sigma in a single package. JMP is software for interactive statistical graphics and includes:

  • a data table window for editing, entering, and manipulating data

  • a broad range of graphical and statistical methods for data analysis

  • a facility for grouping data and computing summary statistics

  • JMP scripting language (JSL)—a scripting language for saving and creating frequently used routines

  • JMP automation

  • Formula Editor—a formula editor for each table column to compute values as needed

  • linear models, correlations, and multivariate

  • design of experiments module

  • options to highlight and display subsets of data

  • statistical quality control and variability charts—special plots, charts, and communication capability for quality-improvement techniques

  • survival analysis

  • time series analysis, which includes the following:

    • Box-Jenkins ARIMA forecasting

    • seasonal ARIMA forecasting

    • transfer function modeling

    • smoothing models: Winters method, single, double, linear, damped trend linear, and seasonal exponential smoothing

    • diagnostic charts (autocorrelation, partial autocorrelation, and variogram) and statistics of fit

    • a model comparison table to compare all forecasts generated

    • spectral density plots and white noise tests

  • tools for printing and for moving analyses results between applications

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