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The EXPAND Procedure

OUT= Data Set

The OUT= output data set contains the following variables:

  • the BY variables, if any

  • an ID variable that identifies the time period for each output observation

  • the result variables

  • if no frequency conversion is performed (so that there is one output observation corresponding to each input observation), all the other variables in the input data set are copied to the output data set

The ID variable in the output data set is named as follows:

  • If an ID statement is used, the new ID variable has the same name as the variable used in the ID statement.

  • If no ID statement is used, but the FROM= option is used, then the name of the ID variable is either DATE or DATETIME, depending on whether the TO= option indicates SAS date or SAS datetime values.

  • If neither an ID statement nor the TO= option is used, the ID variable is named TIME.

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